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S H O G O​    / Film Director



その1年後、WEBメディア"TABI LABO"を中心に活動。旅や自然系の映像を中心にSNS・Web広告の監督/撮影/編集をこなし、人物・風景・モノなど様々なシーンを魅力的に映し出す。


2019年、映像クリエイターアパレル”REC JAPAN”を立ち上げた後、映像制作会社”株式会社REC”を設立。

Born in Kanagawa 1995.

Fell in love with the beauty of traveling and filming at the age of 20.
Starts to work as a freelance videographar during univertisy, joins the famous travel-videography media "Flimwalkr."

After a year, starts to work mainky with a bigger wed media team "TAB I LABO."

Work mainly consists of filming SNS and Web ads, while managing to direct / shoot / edit ,  iconically known for attractive scenes of landscape, portraits, and more. 

While expanding clientele to larger corprate companies and governmental projects, now one of the most recognized creative videographers in Japan

In 2019, establishes a fashion techwear brand for videographers "REC JAPAN" later to build company "REC."

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Exploring with REC.

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